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Stay in a family owned Manu Lodge and discover The Wonders of the Peruvian Jungle

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"Lifetime experience!!"

---Naliemi Blacker, Australia, October 2013

"This is a unique place. Please do everything in your hands to protect this area!"

---Philip Le Biric, France, October 2013

"More than 61 Macaws! Fantastic! Excellent! Never seen before!"

---Paul Blacker, Australia, October 2013

"Simply spectacular!"

---Guillermo Pérez González, Mexico, October 2013

“Predators, Toucans, Orgaris, Woodpeckers, and of course Mackaws!!”

---JE4000@hotmail.com (England/ UK), September 2013

" A real fantastic experience! Thank you very much to all the Tambo Blanquillo crew!"

---Stephen Harbottle, (England/ UK), September 2013

"Simply a ver special place..."

---Sam Case, England/UK, September 2013

"Americans say: “Amaaazing!!!” Peruano dice: Maravilloso!! Deutsche sagen: “Wunderbar!!” Et nous, on dit: “Woow! Purèe, trop bien! Genialissime! C’est magnifique de beaute!”

---Elizabeth Masson, August 2013

"Scenes of great fun & beauty. Impresive!"

---Jeroen Kluiver, July 2013

"Very Awesome!! Many Macaws!!!"

---Rosa María Pineda, July 2013

"Parrots, Macaws and River Otters!"

---Fidaire Lurance, July 2013

"One of the best experience of my lifetime".

---Carl Fatti, July 2013

"Fabulous birding experience!!"

---Joyce Valdez, June 2013

"The best Bird Clay Lick of the World"

---Oda Seedhouse, May 2013

"It was amazing to see all The beautiful Red and Green Macaws and at course the others ones!!"

---Ulrika Eriksson, March 2013

“One of The Best Wildlife Experiencies Ever!!..”

---Richard Turher, December 2012

“Amazing Birds…So Beautiful!!"

---Jasmine Cornlill, November 2012

"Spectacular breath taking, a very special place on earth."

---Ruth Storky, August 2011

"Wonderful place. Observed many parrots, macaws, raptors fly cátchers, etc., and a very largecaiman (3-5 mts).Excellent location for birding."

---Roby Gowans, May 2011




A 10-minute walk through a seasonally flooded tran...


A 20 minute walk along the Shebonal trail that sta...
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Experience the excitement of Manu at Tambo Blanquillo a family owned Manu lodge deep in the Peruvian Amazon.The Manu jungle lodge at Blanquillo is locally known as a Tambo. It is a typical Peruvian Amazon communal jungle building called “maloca”, in which one can feel safe and comfortable and still enjoy ... View more


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Dear guest,

I’d like to thank you for your interest in our lodge and extend to you a very warm welcome from Manu National Park.

 The Tambo Blanquillo Manu lodge was established in the buffer zone of Manu National Park as a private reserve in 1990 since which time we’ve had the pleasure of hosting thousands of visitors to the Manu region of the Peruvian Amazon. Manu is the biggest national park in South America and is unique in Peru as the only region of genuinely pristine rainforest that can be easily visited by tour groups. Thanks to the remoteness of our location Manu is by far the best region of the Peruvian Amazon to experience the jungle’s biodiversity, with countless endemic species including 1,000 species of bird, 200 species of mammal, 120 species of fish and a vast variety of reptiles.

If your interest in visiting the Amazon is to get up close and personal with nature and wildlife, taking a tour of Manu is definitely for you.  Our family-owned lodge is ideal for groups, families, solo travelers and especially for those interested in Birding in Manu  , with our above average frequency of many species including the Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja), Roseate spoonbill (Platalea ajaja) and the Jabiru (Jabiru mycteria) plus some rare jacamars.

Come and visit our lodge and enjoy a Tour of Manu  National Park. I promise you memories that will last forever.

Luis Felipe Raffo

Owner, Tambo Blanquillo Manu Lodge

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Published: the 04 of abril of 2014 Edited: the 04 of abril of 2014

CHAPTER FIVE: THE JUNGLE AT NIGHTWhen the sun sets over the lodge and lakes at Tambo Blanquillo, it’s easy to think that your wildlife experience is over. As darkness falls, it’s time to have dinner and go to bed. But if you did that, you’d be missing out! At night, an equally bizarre set o...

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Chapter Four: Macaw Claylick

Published: the 06 of enero of 2014 Edited: the 08 of enero of 2014

CHAPTER FOUR: MACAW CLAYLICKWithout a doubt, Tambo Blanquillo’s most impressive spectacle is the macaw claylick. A claylick is essentially a bright orange cliff produced by the erosion of a river. Due to the direction of prevailing winds and past geological conditions, the animals in many ...

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