Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Wildlife Spectacle

Mammal Clay Lick

Book your wildlife adventure at Tambo Blanquillo Mammal Clay Lick and witness Amazonian wildlife in action!

Located near Tambo Blanquillo Lodge in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, the Tambo Blanquillo Mammal Clay Lick is a unique natural area. Here, various mammal species such as tapirs, capybaras, agoutis, peccaries, and several species of monkeys converge to consume salts and minerals, essential for balancing their pH levels and diet, similar to macaws at clay-lick.

Join us for a late afternoon visit to this remarkable site. Situated in custom hides as dusk settles, we patiently await the arrival of these fascinating creatures. It’s not uncommon to encounter other species in the area, including jaguars and ocelots, as they hunt for their next meal, adding to the thrill of the experience.

Guided by our knowledgeable team, visitors can observe and learn about the behaviors and conservation efforts aimed at protecting these diverse mammal species in their natural habitat.

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    This program adds up one extra night to our best-selling Manu Express. Depart from either Cusco or Puerto Maldonado. Expedition specially recommended for families with kids over the age of 10, who are very keen on the natural world!

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