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Visit Manu National Park

Visit one of the most biodiverse places on Earth

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A remote location with lots of biodiversity

The best place to connect with nature

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The perfect place for naturalists and adventure traveler

Live a real nature adventure

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In Tambo Blanquillo you’ll find lots of things to do. You can apreciate wildlife and also visit very beautiful places.

Clay lick

Bird watching

Nature Photography

Canopy Tower

About Us


You can choose between these 4 packages or contact us to make a good program for the days that you’ll visit Tambo Blanquillo.


We have some good accomodations for you to stay in comfort in Tambo Blanquillo.

Private Bungalows

The Tambo Blanquillo Lodge offers an exclusive and serene accommodation experience with its private bungalows.

The Tambo

Tambo Blanquillo Lodge provides comfortable and inviting accommodation in their Tambo-style rooms.

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