The 'Tambo'

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Authentic Amazon experience in cozy Tambo-style rooms.

Experience exclusive rainforest serenity in our thoughtfully designed private bungalows at Tambo Blanquillo Lodge. Nestled within lush jungle surroundings, these charming retreats offer rustic elegance, private amenities, and a deep connection with nature in every moment of your stay.

Tambo Blanquillo Lodge provides comfortable and inviting accommodation in their Tambo-style rooms. These traditional-style rooms are inspired by the local culture and designed to immerse guests in the essence of the Amazon rainforest. The Tambo rooms feature cozy beds, shared bathrooms & showers, and rustic furnishings that reflect the natural surroundings. The lodge’s attention to detail ensures a restful and authentic experience, allowing guests to relax and rejuvenate after a day of exploring the wonders of Tambo Blanquillo.

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