Tambo Blanquillo - Stay in a family owned Manu Lodge and discover The Wonders of the Peruvian Jungle
Av. Nicolás de Piérola 265
Barranco, Lima 04 – Perú
(+51) 1 249 9342
(+51) 987 939 992


The Manu jungle lodge
at Blanquillo is locally known as a Tambo.

The Manu jungle lodge at Blanquillo is locally known as a Tambo. It is a typical Peruvian Amazon communal jungle building called “Maloca” in which one can feel safe and comfortable while still enjoying the surrounding wildlife. The main Tambo is designed following the architectural guidelines of the natives. The housing is austere but surprisingly comfortable and ventilated, thanks to the design of the roof, which besides being high, has strategic ports on the top and sides that aid in heat dissipation .

The lodge’s roofs are made of corrugated plates of composite material that are highly insulating to temperature changes, that way we avoid cutting palm trees every three years for the replacement of traditional leaf roofs, thus avoiding deforestation. At night, lighting is possible thanks to solar panels that have charged all day, helping LED lights provide the necessary illumination in a, direct approach, also solar powered ceiling fans are available for the after lunch “siesta time”. There are 20 rooms that assure privacy including doubles, triples and singles, all with very comfortable beds. The bathroom area, although commonly shared, still retains sufficient privacy due to its design. Hot water is also available thanks to our solar panels. There are also mosquito deterrents.