Birding in Manú - A Field Guide to Birdwatching in Peru's Manú National Park

Birding in Manú

A field guide to birdwatching in Peru's Manú National Park

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Our Lodge

  THE Tambo

The Manu jungle lodge at Blanquillo is locally known as a Tambo. It is a typical Peruvian Amazon communal jungle building called “Maloca” in which one can feel safe and comfortable while still enjoying the surrounding wildlife. The main Tambo is designed following the architectural guidelines of the natives. The housing is austere but surprisingly comfortable and ventilated, thanks to the design of the roof, which besides being high, has strategic ports on the top and sides that aid in heat dissipation . The lodge’s roofs are made of corrugated plates of composite material that are highly insulating to temperature changes, that way we avoid cutting palm trees every three years for the replacement of traditional leaf roofs, thus avoiding deforestation. At night, lighting is possible thanks to solar panels that have charged all day, helping LED lights provide the necessary illumination in a discrete approach. There are 20 rooms that assure privacy including doubles, triples and singles, all with very comfortable beds. The bathroom area, although commonly shared, still retains sufficient privacy due to its design. Hot water is also available thanks to our solar panels.


 THe Dining room/ Multi-purpose room

The new dining room located overlooking the Madre de Dios River is equipped to accommodate over 40 people. It includes a bar area to relax, watch and enjoy the beauty of nature, especially at moonrise. The combination of nocturnal animal sounds and amazing scenery, along with a comfortable place to experience this will transport you to a hidden world of total tranquility. This same feeling you get at sunrise, when the sounds of the awakening forest welcome you to into paradise.

 The Camping area

For the more austere there is the camp area that has a wooden platform deck which accommodates up to 20 double tents with ease. In one of its sides, there is a mess hall and kitchen that also meets the same design of eco building and lighting thanks to solar panels. Bathrooms are also commonly shared in this area, but with no hot water.

 General Info

Tambo Blanquillo has a main dining room equipped with WIFI where food is provided to our guests, as well as a common dining room where clients can also cook their own food. For lighting the lodge, the dining rooms and surroundings we use LED lights that receive energy from our solar panels by day.

We are an independent & family-owned lodge with a direct connection to experts in the Manu region and community. We have a strong commitment to environmental sustainability that isn’t just words, but real action. Tambo Blanquillo also offers jobs to the locals to push and help their personal development.

 Research Station

A building with 10 double rooms, kitchen, common bathrooms, a large room dryer for laundry and a room for the radio is already built for the implementation of a research station. Located on the way to the blind (observation platform) of the Blanquillo macaw clay lick. The best found so near a Peru rainforest lodge.

In this area a re-introduction of endemic and some hexogen plant species, mainly fruits has been carried out by Blanquillo’s personnel for more than 10 years. This was done because the area had been badly hit in previous years by illegal activities like logging and hunting . As a consequence, large numbers of birds and animals migrated away in search of protection. But now it can be seen, while walking towards the blind, how different types of birds and animals are returning to their ancestors feeding grounds in the Peruvian Amazon.

 About Us

Explore our Manu jungle lodge in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon ideal for wildlife spotting and adventure best guides accommodations and value in Manu.

Tambo Blanquillo Lodge is one of our facilities, operating since 1990 in the tropical jungle of Manu. It is our privilege and duty to protect and promote the cultural heritage of Peru and provide visitors with an authentic experience in the untouched natural landscape of the real Amazon basin.

Located near the Manu National Park, Tambo Blanquillo is surrounded by a variety of wildlife, biodiversity and genetic variables that don’t exist elsewhere in the world. It is an honor to share this ecological wonder with the world providing a safe, responsible and quality service.

Tambo Blanquillo
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Barranco, Lima – Perú 

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