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Traveling respectfully Peru

September 12, 2012


There are a variety of destinations and forms of travel in Peru as in many places in South America. In almost all programs or itineraries mentioned Macchu Picchu and the Peruvian Amazon jungle, however how travelers experience these destinations can vary drastically. The way you travel in this case especially as important as the place where you are traveling, here we will give some recommendations respectfully to travel in Peru.

Ethics when traveling in Peru

Visitors and tourists have a great impact on local economies, the tourism industry has great potential as a provider of employment and income in these economies. It is important that when choosing tour operators to plan our trip we do choosing operators working with local people and communities. In Peru it is now possible to find many tour operators that use Peruvian guides are highly trained in their activity and instructed in several languages, but the most positive impact is effecting operators using local guides giving support to the local communities.

If you are planning to travel to a shelter in the Peruvian Amazon region, this should not only provide work for the population of the area but also to provide support to the local community or closer to the hostel. One way to do this is by allowing (as long as there long enough) that passengers have the opportunity to visit the nearest town to meet its inhabitants custom and buy their products crafts and souvenirs.

Another great form of support is through volunteering that allows passengers or tourists not only use the time to travel but also to collaborate in a program of support as animal rescue where they provide food and health to return them to their natural habitat . Besides being a fantastic experience s a great form of positive support.

Try to find an operator who not only take you to Macchu Picchu, but also expose communities along the way. There are many local communities in the Sacred Valley that still practice their traditional Andean weaving styles and manufactured items like scarves, ponchos and hats.

Visit these communities offers great opportunities to learn the customs of the high Andean population. It is also a great opportunity to find traditional items that can be a great memory. If purchased directly from the local population ensures that the money goes directly to the community.

There are a number of local markets where you can buy coca leaves, fruits and other high Andean products and manual textileria. These markets are a great opportunity to find local at incredible prices with the assurance that the purchase money will support the local community directly products. It is important to identify these tour operators that provide employment to local people and benefit the surrounding community, not to mention it’s really a unique experience.

How traveling is almost as important as where to go. In many cases the visit of the passengers or tourists will one-time to a destination and then is extremely important that we are sure to make a positive impact on the communities through which our program. The next time you travel, be sure to have a real experience that benefits the local community can be one of the highlights of your trip.

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