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Tourists Comments – 2016

April 4, 2017


Birding in Tambo Blanquillo Lodge

Birding in Tambo Blanquillo Lodge – Photo: Alfredo Fernández

During 2016, approximately 2000 people visited the Tambo Blanquillo Clay Lick, which is a gathering point for birds, mammals and even reptiles for eating clay (majority) or eating each other (minority). Most observations takes some hours and passengers have time to have a light or hardy breakfast and time also to write their comments basically about their experience in this hide or blind, the surroundings and their feelings in such unique place. At least that was our intention when we introduced the Commentary Book which for
some years has given us plenty of input on the expectations and feelings of passengers. From the total visitors about 25-35% decide to write down a comment and we decided to choose 47 of them as the most representative of those expectations, feelings and
even though we are human and prone to error we honestly think they represent fairly well the whole universe of visitors.
Blanquillo Clay-lick

Red-and-Green Macaws in the Blanquillo Clay-lick – Photo: Charlie Hamilton James/National Geographic

Therefore, we are doing a special blog post this time, featuring some of the most representative, curious, or even just hilarious comments we found in our “guess book” in the Blanquillo Clay-lick. Please notice these are real comments made by real travellers. The fact that we are sharing these comments does not mean we agree with them or defend them in any way. Enjoy.

“Sloths, macaws, monkeys, mosquitos” – Julia, Australia – March, 2016

“Kids loved seeing so many amazing birds together in one place” – Patricia, Canada – 20th April, 2016

“Long wait, but awesome finale” – Varun, India – 27th April, 2016

“Worth the long wait for a spectacular experience” – Marissa, Canada – 27th April, 2016

“Beautiful macaws almost 50 / Wait for 6 hours” – Uees, Holland – 22nd May, 2016

“Lovely morning, wonderful setup” – Shira, US – 10th May, 2016

“For breakfast and birdwatching thanks!” – Aidan, Australia – 10th May, 2016

“One deer + a lot of macaws, best hide in the world” – Balcem, Belgum – 9th May, 2016

“Wonderful, beautiful, amazing! We loved it and thanks to Stefano and Saturnino for waiting 6 hours” – Beccour, Belgum – 11th May, 2016

“Awesome, yesterday dry, today wet. Lots of Macaws!” – Merv, Canada – 14th May, 2016

“Beautiful birds wait for 6 hours, but were scared many times by vultures” – Uees, Holland – 22nd May, 2016

“Just great! Lets keep this preserved! Keep HUNT OIL out of here” – Edwin, Holland – 25th May, 2016

“Just amazing!! Could come here every single day!” – Wenhe, Germany – 27th May, 2016

“We saw a caiman, a snake under our roof, attack of ocelot to macaw” – Seuber, Switzerland – 30th May, 2016

“Excelente vista de Guacamayos y blue-headed parrot! Valio la pena cada minuto de espera” – Ana, Peru – 26th June, 2016

“We expected less since its june. But we saw Macaws, Sloths, Monkeys” – Denise, Switzerland – 28th June, 2016

“40 macaws, 2 toucans, parakeets, cardinals, roadside hawk, sunbittern” – Dawn, US – 1st July, 2016

“Parakeets, Macaws in trees, 1 sloth on our way here 9am. 1 yellow Crown on the lick” – Bert, Belgum – 8th July, 2016

“Una mañana maravillosa, vimos gran variedad de aves: tucanes, tanagers, martin perscador, loros cabeza amarilla, cabeza azul, cabeza negra, mas de 60 guacamayos!! Monos auyadores!” – Gerardo, Mexico – 10th July, 2016

“Saw ocelot trying to eat a macaw” – Sara, USA – 11th July, 2016

“Ocelot eats parrot!” – Sasdra, Switzerland – 26th July, 2016

“30 macaws, 50 parrots, 2 orange-cheeked parrots, 1 piping-guan, 4 toucans, 2 aracaris, monkeys, caracara, meally parrots” – Barbara, Switzerland – 27th July, 2016

“Excellent facilities for a great activity” – Richard, UK – 18th August, 2016

“Una gran contribución a la vida de observación de vida maravillosa de aves, simple y llana. Felicitaciones, muchas gracias” – Laura, Germany – 22nd August, 2016

“Wonderful experience-and I´m not a birder!” – Daniel, US – 22nd August, 2016

“Great experience of seeing these awesome birds!” – Tomas, Australia – 25th August, 2016 

“Spectacular!! Ocelot!” – Chriso, US – 23rd August, 2016

“Birds on Parade! + Ocelot!” – Bile, US – 30th August, 2016

“Hungry ocelot hunts birds amazing!”- Fam, Germany – 30th August, 2016

“Incredible, now a bird lover” – Flora, UK – 3rd September, 2016

“Saw an ocelot take a red-and-green macaw off the claylick face!” – Stuart, Trinidad – 6th September, 2016

“When it comes to nature, I like my peace and quiet. But when the macaws make the laws it becomes a rainbow riot!” – Paul, US – 18th September, 2016

“125+ Macaws! One of my top birding experiences” – Barry, US – 25th September, 2016

“Marvelous spot, but macaws demand real patience” – Jennifer, South Africa – 25th September, 2016

“A very special place, thank you for sharing it with us” – Nancy, US – 27th September, 2016

“Amazing place! Beautiful birds, and I truly hope HUNT OIL stays out of this rainforest” – River, New Zeland – 5th October, 2016

“Tresbien, il faut de la patience pour doserver les perroquets” – Peyrani, France – 5th October, 2016

“Our best breakfast ever!” – Cotiu, UK – 18th October, 2016

“Beautifully peaceful place!” – Clive, South Africa – 25h October, 2016

“Wonderful place, awesome, but shame about this high entrance fee” – Vanessa, Germany – 26th October, 2016

“Wundershone macaws beine tourister” – Oliver, Switzerland – 29th September, 2016

“Shanes wettes! Perfect” – Silvia, Switzerland – 29th October, 2016

“Beautiful site! The best place in the Amazon!” – Thomas, Germany – 17th November, 2016

“Mucha lluvia!” – Gari, US – 22nd November, 2016

“Fantastic! Took 100s of photos!” – Peter, UK – 23rd November, 2016

“Saw a bird murdering a frog” – Mani, Japan – 21st December, 2016

“Great place to fuck” – Katia, US – 27th December, 2016

Hope you enjoyed the comments, and hopefully, yours will be featured in next year´s edition!

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