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Sounds of the Amazon: Part II – Mammals

May 23, 2016


Last month we explored some of the most common bird sounds found in the vicinities of Tambo Blanquillo Lodge, in Manu National Park. In this second edition of this series, we will explore the two most common sounds produced by mammals of the Amazon Rainforest.


(Purus) Red Howler Monkey (Alouatta puruensis)

Red-Howler Monkeys - Photo: Lucho Raffo

Red-Howler Monkeys – Photo: Lucho Raffo

The –aptly named- Red Howler Monkey is one of the biggest Monkey found in Peru, second only to the Spider Monkey, growing up to 90cm. These Monkeys have become part of folklore of the Amazon, due to their infamous calls. Dominant males, in order to delimit its troops’ territory, make a deep call, which can be heard for several kilometers.

You can listen to this mesmerizing call in the following video:

Howler Monkeys are especially active at dawn, when they start their day, and are arguably the most effective alarm clocks in world.

In Tambo Blanquillo Lodge, Howler Monkeys are a common sighting, specially when they congregate in our Oxbow Lakes to feed on fruit trees.

Giant River Otters (Pteronura brasiliensis)

Giant River Otter - Photo: Dr. Rob Williams

Giant River Otter – Photo: Dr. Rob Williams

One of the most mythical species of the Amazon is the Giant River Otter. While at Tambo Blanquillo Lodge, if you are paddling around one of our Oxbow Lakes –especially Blanco & Camungo- you might hear a weird laugher-like sound, and if you happen to locate the producer, you will encounter this 6-feet-long Otter –the largest of them all- frolicking around the lake in groups of up to 7 individuals.

These Otter are the undisputed Kings of the Oxbow Lakes, each individual hunts up to 2kg of Fish per day, and will defend their territory against the fiercest of predators. Video footage of Charlie Hamilton James’ ‘Giant Otters of the Amazon’ recorded in Manu National Park shows a group of Otters kill a 3-meter Black Caiman that got too close to their den.

If you wish to travel to Manu National Park, deep inside the Amazon Rainforest and witness some of these amazing species, and some of the other half a million species that are estimated to live in this Park, make sure to e-mail us so we can custom build an itinerary for you, maximizing your chances of sharing amazing experiences with other inhabitants of the forest.


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