Tambo Blanquillo - Stay in a family owned Manu Lodge and discover The Wonders of the Peruvian Jungle
Av. Nicolás de Piérola 265
Barranco, Lima 04 – Perú
(+51) 1 249 9342
(+51) 987 939 992
Herons of Tambo Blanquillo Lodge – Private Reserve in Manu
Tambo Blanquillo Lodge is a private reserve that is blessed with having 3 Oxbows Lakes within its limits, as...
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The race for sunlight
Forest Floor – Photo: Andre Baertschi Plants are the main producers of terrestrials ecosystems. They convert sunlight (energy) into...
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Small Monkeys of Manu National Park:
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Last month we introduced you to the species of ‘big’ monkeys that are most representative of the ecosystems with...
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Monkeys of Tambo Blanquillo Lodge – Part I: Big Monkeys
Continuing with our series of blog posts that aim to promote the biodiversity that call Manu National Park –and...
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Eagles of Manu National Park
Manu National Park is globally recognized as the most biodiverse place on earth. This biodiversity is reflected in an...
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Birdwatching in Manu & BirdFair 2016
Amazon, Manu, Nature & Wildlife, Peru, Photography, Tambo Blanquillo
Birding in Tambo Blanquillo Lodge – Photo: Alfredo Fernández For the last 27 years, the biggest event related to...
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Tambo Blanquillo Lodge in National Geographic
Amazon, Manu, Nature & Wildlife, Photographers, Photography, Tambo Blanquillo
Red-and-Green Macaws in the Blanquillo Clay-lick – Photo: Charlie Hamilton James/National Geographic National Geographic Magazine is devoting the year...
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Sounds of the Amazon: Part II – Mammals
Amazon, Manu, Nature & Wildlife, Peru, Tambo Blanquillo
Last month we explored some of the most common bird sounds found in the vicinities of Tambo Blanquillo Lodge,...
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