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Mashco Piro: Peruvian Government will try to contact infamous tribe

August 5, 2015


It has been only a few months since we first introduced you to the Mascho Piro tribe, the infamous, aggressive, uncontacted, and poorly known tribe that inhabits the area in and around Manu National Park. As we reported on our previous blog-post , sightings and incidents are increasing, and current protecting laws made it unclear what the solution to this 21st Century dilema was.

Mascho Piro tribe near Manu National Park - Photo: Peru21

Mascho Piro tribe near Manu National Park – Photo:

A few weeks ago, the Peruvian Government announced that they will make the first reported (and legal) effort to contact this tribe, in hopes of understanding their current situation, and trying to avoid further incidents as the ones happened in last couple of years.

While many disagree with the position taken by the Government, we think it is the only viable option to avoid further complications in the area. Over the last couple of years, this tribe -mostly believe it is due starvation- has attacked and robbed nearby towns and villages, taking away fruits, vegetables, meat, pots and machetes. While most of this incidents have been ‘pacific’, a couple have ended with casualties. We need to keep in mind that this tribe knows no government or no ‘western’ civilization.. they have never been out of the area. They are unaware of our concepts of morality and society, so they cannot be judged for their acts. The only other viable option was to close down the park, and re-locate the nearby tows and villages. So while it might no be a perfect solution to contact this ‘lost’ tribe and risk messing up their culture, it is the only viable solution we actually have.

Youtube screenshot / Survival International

Youtube screenshot / Survival International

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