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By now, you should be familiar with our consistent mentioning of our Blanquillo Clay-lick and our Mammal Clay-lick, where routinely, dozens -if not hundreds- of individual animals go on a daily basis to feed on clay. Geophagy, is the scientific term that describes the behaviour of an animal feeding on soil-like substrates like clay or chalk. However, …

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Giant River Otters – The Oxbow Lake Clowns Tambo Blanquillo is blessed with one of the most fascinating and endearing species on the planet – the Giant River Otter. These magnificent creatures frequent the waters of Blanquillo and Camungo oxbow lakes, and can often be seen patrolling the waters for fish, and cleverly laying their catches …

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The Jaguar (Panthera onca) is hands-down the King of the Amazon. Being the biggest cat in the Americas and the third biggest one in the world is an animal that most people recognize. Coated with a beautiful spotted fur –which has given these cats a lot of problems- make this cat a true jewel of …

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Horned screamers have to be the most bizarre bird I have ever seen. I like to think of them as a cross between a giant goose, a unicorn and a vulture. The giant goose analogy is fairly self explanatory- perhaps the latter 2 are a little more ambiguous. The unicorn resemblance comes from the quill …

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