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I am sure that everyone is familiar with bioluminescence to some degree. We have all heard about ‘fireflies’, even if haven’t seen them with our own eyes. While this representative species is a classic example from the southern hemisphere, bioluminescence is more common than most would guess. From Dinoflagellates in the intertidal zones, to some …

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Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) –locally known as Lupuna- is a tree from the family of Malvaceae. These trees are characterised for the enormous size they reach when fully developed, growing over 150 feet (50 meters)! The view mesmerizing from the ground Due to the fact that its wood is very buoyant, and easy to burn, it …

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The Pacific Alliance Tourism Roadshow in China was a good opportunity for the countries of México, Colombia, Perú and Chile to show the amazing people of China the culture and natural wonders that South America has to offer. Every country was represented by 4 of their best local tourism operators, except for Perú which was …

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Since Tambo Blanquillo Lodge was created, more than 20 years ago, we have offered clean, organized and semi-rustic local accommodations known as Tambo. A big complex of rooms under the same roof. However, as our target market diversified and more tourists asked for higher end accommodations, we decided to expand and invest on more infrastructures. …

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The Amazon jungle is to home a variety of estrange looking creatures, and Manu is no exception. One of the weirdest creatures around is the Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris), the largest rodent on earth. This 65kg ‘Guinea Pig’ is a common sighting to most of our tourists. Usually seen along the beaches while navigating the Madre …

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Photo: Alfredo Fernandez

Oxbow Lakes – locally known as Cochas – are the only kind of lakes present on the western Amazon rainforest. These lakes host an incredible array of biodiversity, being home to Jaguars, Caimans, Piranhas, Giant River Otters, and over 400 species of birds. Camungo Oxbow Lake, as viewed from the Canopy Tower – Photo: Alfredo …

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Before we jump in into describing the most 4 venomous and dangerous snakes found around the park, we must emphasize that we do not allow any tourists to walk alone by any trail, or to manipulate any wildlife. Every animal that you see deserves respect, being it dangerous or not. 1. Fer-de-Lance (Bothrops atrox) Fer-de-Lance …

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Roadside Hawk – Photo: Alfredo Fernandez 1. Macaw Clay-lick: Tambo Blanquillo Lodge owns and operates the largest and most active Macaw Clay-lick accesible for tourism in the Peruvian Amazon.  Besides that, we are the closest Lodge to it, being only a 15 minute boat ride from the comfort of your private bungalow. More than 40 …

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It has been only a few months since we first introduced you to the Mascho Piro tribe, the infamous, aggressive, uncontacted, and poorly known tribe that inhabits the area in and around Manu National Park. As we reported on our previous blog-post , sightings and incidents are increasing, and current protecting laws made it unclear what …

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Any traveller visiting Tambo Blanquillo, will be able to spot -probably several times a day- one of the nicest, and most abundant neotropical raptors, the Roadside Hawk. The name of this bird and the reason it is seen so often, is because they only hang around clearings, streams, trails, rivers and other open areas where …

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