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Brown-throated Sloth – Photo: Luis Felipe Raffo

Sloths are one of the most charismatic and famous species from the neotropics. Everybody knows about their lethargic lifestyles and have been made famous by comic shows for ages. What most people don’t know is that there several Sloth species found in the Amazon, and two of those are particularly common around Manu National Park …

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King Vulture preying on a dead Anaconda – Photo: Aidan G. Kelly

The Tambo Blanquillo Private Reserve located inside the buffer zone of Manu National Park, is blessed with over 1000 recorded bird species. In order for all these species to survive together, they need to specialize on different ways of making a living. Some of these birds are diurnal, some nocturnal, some eat insects, other eat other …

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Manu National Park – Photo: Alfredo Fernandez

Manu National Park – Photo: Alfredo Fernandez Tambo Blanquillo – Private Reserve is located in the buffer zone of one of the most biodiverse National Parks in the world, Manu National Park. In terms of species, nowhere comes close to Manu. Manu is home of over 220 species of Mammals, 100 species of Reptiles, 150 …

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Canopy Tower with tourists – Photo: Luis Felipe Raffo

Canopy Tower – Photo: Luis Felipe Raffo We have the tallest Canopy Tower of the Amazon Rainforest. And as most of you would guess, building such a tall tower in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, hours away from the nearest city, provided a steady flow of headaches. Everything started in the early 1990s, when …

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Ocelot Hunting a Mealy Parrot – Photo: Matt Mishler

Ocelot Hunting a Mealy Parrot – Photo: Matt Mishler Last month, we published a blog about how Jaguars and Ocelots were visiting our Claylick with increased frequency in search for an easy -and colorful- meal. Someone at National Geographic must have read the article and watched the footage, because they contacted us in hopes of …

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Photo: Luis Felipe Raffo

This is the first of a series of blog post that will take you into our attractions, their history, how were they built, why are they unique, and what species are common around them. Next month, we will share the behind-the-scenes of how this massive tower was delicately built almost 20 years ago. Manu National …

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Blanquillo Clay-lick

Red-and-Green Macaws in the Blanquillo Clay-lick – Photo: Charlie Hamilton James/National Geographic A Claylick is for the Amazon what a water whole is for the African plains. Many species –Macaws, Parrots, Guans, Monkeys, Capybaras, Tapirs, and many, many more- visit claylicks to consume some clay. Many animals do this to get minerals that are rare …

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Horned Screamer at Cocha Blanco – Photo: Luis Felipe Raffo

Tambo Blanquillo –located in a pristine area of the Manu Biosphere Reserve- is known for having registered more than 400 bird species. However, many of those species are easy to see elsewhere in the Amazon. Which species are easy to see in Tambo Blanquillo, but hard to find elsewhere? Read this blog post to figure …

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Spider Monkey - Photo: Bertie Gregory

In this blog, we will introduce you to three species that have undergone incredible adaptations to survive in the highly competitive amazon rainforest. First of all, I would like to give you some background into interspecific competition, and the population dynamics of the Amazon. We often hear about how biodiverse the Amazon Rainforest is, but …

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Horned Screamers, Cocha Blanco – Photo: Jess Findlay

Manu National Park –and therefore, Tambo Blanquillo Private Reserve- are globally recognized for the unprecedented diversity of birds –and other wildlife- that they host. More than 1000 bird species, have been identified inside Manu National Park, more than any other Park in the world. Horned Screamers, Cocha Blanco – Photo: Jess Findlay With such a …

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