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Snail Kite Portrait – Photo: Joel Sartore

Snail Kite – Photo: PSeubert – Flickr The Snail Kite is one of the few gregarious raptors in the world, and it is distributed along the Americas, reaching the Everglades in the North, and the Iguaçu falls in the South. Although it is a very widespread species and is distributed all along the lowlands of the …

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Capybara Family – Photo: Alfredo Fernandez

Few animal species are as distinct and unique as the Capybara. The Capybara, a rodent the size of a Labrador Retriever, is the biggest rodent in the world. Here, at the Tambo Blanquillo Private – Reserve, we have the luck of counting with a very healthy population of this species. In this blog post, we …

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White-necked Jacobin – Photo: Bertie Gregory

Peru is blessed with having more hummingbird species than any other country in the world, over 100 species! The Private Reserve at Tambo Blanquillo is equally blessed with an amazing diversity of hummingbirds. We currently have over 20 species recorded in our gardens, and we do not rely on hummingbird feeders as we try to …

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Brown Capuchins – Photo: Andre Baertschi

Last month we introduced you to the species of ‘big’ monkeys that are most representative of the ecosystems with Manu National Park, with a special focus on the forests that surround Tambo Blanquillo Lodge. This month we introduce you to the most representative species of ‘small monkeys’ that inhabit the forests of Manu. Squirrel Monkey …

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Plum-throated Cotinga - Photo: Jess Findlay

Birding in Tambo Blanquillo Lodge – Photo: Alfredo Fernández For the last 27 years, the biggest event related to Birdwatching has occurred in Rutland, UK. Also known as the “Birdwatching Glastonbury”, the Bird Fair attracts thousands of birdwatching enthusiast from all over the world, as well as tourist operators and the leading brands in the …

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Blanquillo Clay-lick

Red-and-Green Macaws in the Blanquillo Clay-lick – Photo: Charlie Hamilton James/National Geographic National Geographic Magazine is devoting the year 2016 to National Parks. The May issue of the Magazine was devoted completely to Yellowstone National Park –the first National Park in the world-, and on the current issue –June- portrays a story on the most …

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