Tambo Blanquillo - Stay in a family owned Manu Lodge and discover The Wonders of the Peruvian Jungle
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Barranco, Lima 04 – Perú
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Manu is famed as being the most biodiverse place on the planet; this means it has more species per unit area than anywhere else. Trees are a great example of the incredible diversity Manu holds. An average European forest holds around 12 tree species per hectare, Manu holds over 120 per hectare. The biggest tree …

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In the Peruvian rainforest, specifically in the Manu region, “Suri” is the name ascribed to all edible worms consumed by natives, but today, when you mention the name “Suri” Peruvians know that it refers to a particular worm which has yellowish-white, is very fatty, on the head has two pincers which serve to cut the …

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