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The Manu National Park, one of the most important protected areas in the world and the heart of conservation in Peru, celebrated 40 years of existence on May 29 this year 2013. This natural wonder was established to protect part of the greatest bio-diverse zone in the world. Here are some useful facts about Manu …

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The idea of travelling deep into the heart of the Amazon Jungle to explore is a dream of many.  On the other hand, the Jungle is a wild, rugged, filled with different wildlife, reptiles and insects, not exactly the first place one may want to rest their head at night.  Here we´ll try to dispel …

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A trip to the world’s largest rainforest is, if nothing else, a great adventure.  Many travellers from around the world have this destination on their travel bucket list and they come from far and wide to visit.  It most certainly is a fascinating part of the world, but the Amazon Jungle is just that, the …

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A little-known fact about the Peruvian Amazon is that the landscape and terrain varies quite significantly according to location and time of year. The northern Amazon near Iquitos is largely water with very little dry land, whereas further south at higher elevations terra firma is much more widespread, especially during the dry season. Choosing the …

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