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Bird of the Month: Roadside Hawk

August 4, 2015


Any traveller visiting Tambo Blanquillo, will be able to spot -probably several times a day- one of the nicest, and most abundant neotropical raptors, the Roadside Hawk. The name of this bird and the reason it is seen so often, is because they only hang around clearings, streams, trails, rivers and other open areas where human beings roam. Because of this, they where aptly named ‘Roadside’ Hawk, as you only see them in areas where humans could transit.

Roadside Hawk - Macaw Clay-lick

Roadside Hawk – Macaw Clay-lick – Photo: Alfredo Fernandez

Around Tambo Blanquillo Lodge, we have several identified territories of Roadside Hawks. The most popular one, is the one at the Lodge itself. There has been a pair of Roadside Hawks nesting in the forested area beside the soccer field, near the new bungalows. By walking there in the early morning or in the afternoon it is easy to hear them, as well as spot them perching on the soccer nets, and nearby trees.

Another regularly seen Roadside Hawk pair is the one residing on the opposite side of the Hide at the Blanquillo Clay Lick. Interestingly enough, they don’t scared the macaws or parrots away, as many other raptors -and even large birds, such as guans- do. This pair of Hawks hang around the creek and are normally perched on either the cecropia trees in the backside of the Hide, or in the bamboo sticks on the clay lick itself.

Besides those 2 identified territories, we have many other that we haven’t finished delimiting yet. There are more than 5 territories in Cocha Camungo alone!

Roadside Hawk - Cocha Camungo - Photo: Alfredo Fernandez

Roadside Hawk – Cocha Camungo – Photo: Alfredo Fernandez


If you want to come and see these amazing birds -and many other wildlife species- please contact us, so we can help you organize a trip of a lifetime to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest!


All the photos are copyrighted:  Alfredo Fernandez | Tambo Blanquillo Lodge 


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  1. Luis Villar August 5, 2015 at 3:48 am

    Beautifull bird

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