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The Blanquillo Macaw Clay Lick is a section of the banks in the Madre de Dios River with a height of 6 meters and a length of 250 meters.

This area is an early and daily meeting point of several families of Orange-cheeked parrot (Pyrilia barrabandi), Blue-headed parrot (Pionus menstruus), Mealy parrot (Amazona farinosa) and more small parakeets . A little later in the morning, Red and Green macaws (Ara chloropterus),Scarlet macaws (Ara macao), and the Piping guan (Pipile cumanensis) arrive to the clay lick.

Not only birds use this clay wall as a source of needed antacids. Not surprisingly, mammals such as Tapirs (Tapirus terrestris), Red Deer (Mazama americana), Howler Monkey (Alouatta sara) can be found. The act of eating clay performed by these animals is mainly to neutralize their pH, which has been acidified as a consequence of eating green fruits and also to absorb various nutrients of this wonderful clay which are not found in their daily diet.

Observation platform or blind is a platform-observatory of 8 meters high and 50 meters long, that can accommodate 100 visitors. This amazing building, very well located only 50 meters from the wall of the clay lick, which allows extraordinary photos of the daily bird activity without the need for very expensive lenses and due to its positioning, it’s possible to take very sharp pictures when the early morning sun light bathes the clay wall .Comfortable swivel chairs and a long table used for equipment support or to take notes ,enables to notice in total tranquility, the stunning work of parrots, macaws, parakeets and other birds and animals attending this clay lick. A hearty breakfast is served in the comfort of this location.

To enter, you have to arrive early in the morning (5:20 am) and do a 26 minute walk ( at normal pace) through a trail that crosses a secondary forest, where you can find various species of birds, reptiles, and the possible presence of tapirs, deer, agouti and peccary. A hearty breakfast is served in the platform while watching the show.

* NOTE: The arriving times are from 5:20am to 6:20am maximum, and we suggest your previous nightstay to be in the very rear Blanquillo Lodge or camp, to avoid possible late arrivals.