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Blanco Oxbow Lake:


A 10-minute boat ride through the Madre de Dios River, followed by a nice 15 minute walk through the designated trail will take you to Blanco Oxbow Lake, by far one of the best rainforest scenarios our lodge has to offer.

Its environment displays different kinds of rainforest habitats. Its stagnant waters provide rich nutrients and fish to their usual dwellers; giant otters and black caimans.

Also, this region displays a number of different microhabitats as a result of ancient rivers that move throughout geological time. It creates a series of terraces, each containing different types of forest. The mosaic of habitat types (being the tallest, the oldest) is one of the reasons these forests are among the richest in the world in terms of biodiversity.

By using a catamaran, we can enjoy an all-around view of this water mirror paradise where various wildlife populations as otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) use as a habitat. We can also enjoy the presence of diverse bird species like the Horned Screamer, Hoatzins, Tucans, Jacamars etc. If the day is good, we can even appreciate monkeys and white caimans.